·      Thursday, February, 4th  2016:
23:59h Closing registration
·      Wednesday, February, 10th 2016:
             Start time and numbers publication
·      Viernes 12 de febrero 2016:
11:00h. Model Event with SI until 13:00. After this hour only remain pre-marks. SUN-O management.
18:00h. Hard floor and event center opening
23:00h. Event center closing.
·      Saturday, February,13th 2016: (Long distance race and Sprint)
08:00h. “Las Loberas” event center opening.
09:45h.  Explanation of MASS START procedure.
10:00h. Women start (long distance race)
Þ   Categories F16, F(18/20)B, F21B, F18A, F20A, F21A, F35A, F35B, F40, F45, F50, F55, F60, F65 y F70.
10:15h. Men start (long distance)
Þ   Categories M16, M(18/20)B, M21B, M18A, M20A, M21A, M35A, M35B, M40, M45, M50, M55, M60, M65 y M70.
10:30h. First start (long distance)
Þ   Open categories,M/F-12 y M/F14.
11:00h. Elite categories start (World Ranking Event, long distance)
15:30h. “Coy” event center opening
16:00h. First start (sprint)
18:00h. Last start (sprint)
18:30h. World Ranking Event and Sprint awards ceremony (Coy) And gifts raffle to those present.
Sunday, February, 14th 2016: (Middle distance race)
08:00h. “Casa Iglesias” event center opening
10:00h. First start (Time intervals start)
12:15h. Last start
13:00h. LORCA-O Meeting awards ceremony and gifts raffle to those present

After this weekend you can continue with the XXVIII Costa Cálida Trophy Event:

20th February 2016 (Saturday)
Long distance race (prologue race for Middle distance race WRE).
In the "Coto de las Maravillas" the map used for WcupSpain 2014.

Night sprint race

20th February 2016 (Sunday)
Middle distance race WRE with chasing starts

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